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Jump-Start Your Success Your time is valuable. Clark and Unju won't waste it. In How To Be Positive: in under 100 pages, Clark and Unju use their 35+ years of experience as psychotherapists, keynote speakers and positivity experts to accelerate your journey toward a better, more positive life. Whether in your business or personal life, this book can help you on the fast-track to success. Clark and Unju use compelling psychological data, heart-warming stories and relevant exercises to condense vast concepts and clarify complex issues - making them easier to understand and apply to daily life. This is no book for 'dummies' though. How To Be Positive: in under 100 pages is thought-provoking and leads readers to action and growth. In it, Clark and Unju help bring real positivity within reach. Only $12.99 Special Offer, FREE SHIPPING (save $3)

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